Thursday, August 03, 2006

Too much writing, eyes frazzled, brain melting, must rest... In the mean time here are some choice quotes from my favourite book/film critic, Adam Mars-Jones:

He describes beautifully the beginning of every Bond film as “That hallowed piece of montage in which the viewer is shot by Bond while unwisely attempting to hide in a spiral sea shell.”

“Melvyn Bragg is a very busy man and it's impressive that he's made time to write Crossing the Lines, bringing his tally of novels to 20. It isn't altogether clear, though, that he's found the time to read it.”

“The Coen brothers are very knowing, but what is it that they know?” [Fargo]

“Nothing hurls a writer into stupidity more rapidly than the desire to be thought wise.” [reviewing The Zahir by Paulo Coelho] [this line hits home!]

Priest can only really be recommended to people who have never heard the phrases ‘piss off’ and ‘out of my diocese’ in the same sentence, and are anxious to rectify the omission.”

“It gleams in front of Oliver Stone like the Grail: an area of artistic activity where exaggeration and distortion - just what he does best - are not dismissed or deprecated but positively required. Now if he could just get into that racket, there would be no holding him. The racket here is the satire racket, and Natural Born Killers is what he imagines a satire to be... If [he] is imaginatively engaged by the lives of Native Americans, he should certainly make a film about that. What he should not do is borrow their supposed mysticism, separated from their history and modern living conditions, and use it to jazz up his wretched world view, as he does not only here but in The Doors. It's bad enough having your people massacred and your ancestral lands confiscated, without having some film director wear your belief systems round his dumb neck like so much funky ethnic jewellery.”


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