Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yesterday the Guardian asked various critics to choose a review for which they wish to repent - i.e. something they over- or under-rated. No, they didn't ask me, but this is my blog and I'll join in their game if I want to.

The movie I most regret underrating is The Fifth Element, which was so unconventional and quirky that I lost all patience with it at the time, though I've watched it since and been really charmed by its dottiness - the fruity colours, the naive humour, the berserk idea of having Chris Tucker at his most shrill in the sidekick role. Oh, and the fact that roughly 100 minutes pass before Bruce Willis fires a gun. That has to count for something. Also, it's the only decent Luc Besson film since Le Dernier Combat.

I also wish I could rewrite my Rob Roy review. I was way too dismissive of a film that is sharply written, cleverly plotted and overflowing with fascinating, earthy characters.

Overrated? Simon Magus was good but not that good. I should've been harder on Gladiator and 8 Mile. I stand by everything else, M'Lud.


Blogger bongogef said...

agreed! i was luke-warm on this flic at the time but have referred back to it numerous times over the passing years. nice voice, NICE blog. -g

9:34 AM  
Blogger Gator said...

Yay, the first comment on my blog! Sir, I salute your courage, your indefatigibility, and your backhand.

5:44 AM  

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