Thursday, July 20, 2006

This is Ariel Pink, a musical genius, who gives this blog its name. My good pal Tim gave me Ariel's album Worn Copy when we went for lunch at Black's in Soho last November, and it changed my life (the album, I mean, not the lunch - though the lunch was fine). I'll write more about Ariel another time, but until then, check him out. His music is a bargain-basement, lo-fi, home-taped trip that repackages the past through the gauze of our nostalgia for it. There are delicate melodies and catchy choruses buried just beneath the surface of the fuzzy, flawed production; I think the reason his music is so involving is that it requires that element of excavation on the part of the listener. Stumbling upon an especially fragile song, like "Let's Build a Campfire There" (from The Doldrums), is like finding buried treasure. When I heard Worn Copy, I felt like those songs had existed somewhere in my head all my life, only I'd never had access to them before. I feel so passionately about his music, I just can't "get" anyone who doesn't "get" it.

I think now is the proper time to share with you my current top 6 favourite smells:
1. Tomato vines
2. Creosote
3. Guys on their way to a hot date
4. School
5. Cut grass
6. Petrol

Today's advice for anyone planning to do Pick Your Own Fruit is: Don't be over-ambitious. Last weekend I filled a basket with loganberries (my all-time favourite fruit), raspberries and blackberries. It cost £15. By the time I got it home, it was sludge, the juice had soaked through the bottom of the basket, and I salvaged one, maybe two, small bowls of fruit out of the gloop. So today's advice, in summary, is: Don't be freakin' greedy.


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